Apples new iOS 8 and Mac OS Yosemite

12th July 2014

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Apple gave us a sneak preview of the new iOS software and next Mac OS due out in September and from what we’ve seen it looks fantastic.

The new iPhone/iPad OS comes packed with a host of extra features and goodies. The biggest addition for end users being the new health app and whilst iOS 8 is a cool new feature packed OS for users the real benefit will be to app developers. iOS 8 sees a significant change to how apps are used and created and even how they function with other app’s. Key updates and features now mean that app’s are able to use or borrow features from other apps giving vast potential to what can be achieved. This means we could start to see app’s doing things we never thought possible previously.

It’s also packed with lots of other little goodies and features to make life easier, such as flicking between an email you are writing and your inbox to use or check other emails.

As you’d expect in true Apple style every app, icon, font and menu has been designed to be as beautiful as possible.

We’re also really excited about the new Mac OS called Yosemite. (looks like big cat names are finally gone, no more tiger, lion or snow leopards) Yosemite looks great and brings with it a host of great looking features we love the sound of, but the best feature has to be the price at a fantastic £0.00 – you heard that correctly, according to Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) it is going to be completely free!

The main thing we love about the new update both to iOS and Mac OS is how Apple have brought them all together with what they call Handoff, that enables you to start something on your iPad and instantly pick it on your iPhone and then even switch to your iMac meaning you could work on something in the office, on the train and carry on as if you never left when you get home.

Unusually for Apple the new OS has a beta program too, meaning you can get it now (well the beta anyway) and be part of the development process. It’s available from Apple’s website or you can click here to read more.


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