How much does a website cost?

22nd May 2014

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It is a good question and one which we get asked all the time. It’s also a very difficult one to answer. Even with all the websites we’ve completed and even though we’d love too we still can’t give a quick answer to this question.

The reason being that we don’t offer a standard product that can be sold at a fixed price like a pair of trainers or a new dress. Web design is a service, but most people view a website as a product and believe that they can order a 5 page website for fixed fee.

We don’t offer a product we offer a service, a professional, bespoke service based on the clients needs and expectations. Whilst we do this at the most competitive prices possible, we also know how much work and time is involved in delivering a quality product. A quality product that’s been done right, that will deliver now and in the future and surpass the clients expectations.

But I’ve seen cheaper offers on the internet?

Yes, you can find very cheap websites in the same ways as you can find very cheap products but as with anything else in life you get what you pay for.

Consider the picture below, both are essentially the same thing but there is a big difference in how there done and the effect they have on people.


Aesthetics aren’t just the only problem – cheap websites don’t just look cheap!

Websites are a complex thing nowadays and a proper website needs to tick several boxes both visually and behind the scenes.

Yes you can make a good-looking page but what if it has got no SEO and no one finds you, or what if it does well in search results but the site is poorly designed and hard to navigate or use? What if the User interface is so poor or uninteresting that your users go to your competitors website instead?

The user is going to go elsewhere and so is your business. Cheap websites are usually cheap for a reason and it’s rarely a good reason.

You may get it cheap now as a one off cost for a 10 page site, but that’s because things will be left out. Check you are getting a website and not a web presence such as hosted page you pay someone for. Also consider what happens 12 months down the line when your business changes and you need to add something to your website or you need support or your website is not getting found in searches?

You’ll probably have to go back and get another web company to sort the site out for you, a job which may cost more to sort out than a professional site would have cost in the first place.

Why do prices differ so much?

Lot’s of reasons really, but mainly because building a website can be accomplished lots of different ways plus, diffrent companies have different overheads and different skill sets within them meaning that a company that specilises in say Magento, may well quote you less than a company that specialises in other web platforms if you were looking at getting work done on a Magento website.

Also, not all websites are created equa, you may get a lower quote but the chances are the company is cutting corners to deliver that lower price. Are they doing all the things in the background like adding alt tags to images, optimising images, minising code, fully testing, optimising your content for search engines or are they just copy and pasting words onto a page and handing it over to you?

This is why clients tell us they have received quotes ranging from £3,000 to £10,000 for the same set of requirements.

So what’s a reasonable price guide for a professional website?

There are really no fixed prices or guides and as stated dozens of factors can effect price, different companies will charge more or less. However, as very, very rough guide you’d could expect to pay around the following;

A basic brochure type site for an individual or small business £900 – £1500
A small to medium sized company site with all the features you’d expect £1,500 – £2,500
Large company or e-commerce website £2,500 >
Bespoke development or functionality will vary according to the days of development time.

However, a small site with lots of complicated functionality could well cost more than a larger simple site.

Remember it’s about value, not price. Take a look at other websites that the web agency has built or designed before and speak to the website owners to see if they have had the return you are looking for.

So where does the cost come from?

Website design and development is a service, not a product and building a website involves a complex level of planning.

Understanding the clients business needs and designing something to meet those needs correctly requires meetings and 99.9% of the time a lot of research. If we build a website for a company we need to understand that market so we deliver a product that’s better than your competitors.

Other costs include;

  • Hosting, server space, CMS or domain names and email
  • Building the site and populating it with the right content
  • SEO of the content and where needed rewriting
  • Marketing strategies
  • Social media incorporation
  • Any bespoke code or development for features required
  • Design work and editing or creating of any images or graphics, even small design work to create an image or pattern for a site can take hours.
  • Testing and checking everything from spelling and images to links and functionality of menu’s, forms, buttons, emails, uploads etc
  • Testing site navigation and ease of use for users
  • Testing and checking it across multiple web browsers and multiple devices and screen sizes.
  • Refining the site
  • Liaising with the client through out the process
  • Training of users

OK, so how can I save costs on my website?

Have good quality content already, as well as good images and provide as much information as possible about products or services.

Have a clear idea of what you want your website to do now and in the future.

Plan the project, if you need your site in a week then chances are you’ll incur extra costs for out of hours work. If you plan it out correctly and allow the required time then you also get a better site not rushed or full of errors.

Show examples of what you like and also what you don’t like. This will stream line the design process.

Where possible provide files in the right format, if you have your logo in vector or similar send it over instead of a small jpg

Have a budget in mind and be realistic about what you can achieve for that budget.

If you’d like to get a free quote or find out more about any on-line services simply contact us

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