Planning your website

14th December 2016

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Your website, just like anything else for your business needs to be planned out properly before you start. Before you speak to anyone have a good think about the short and long-term goals of the website.

The main thing you’ll want to work out before you build, design or put any ideas together is simply –

What do you want your website to achieve?

Don’t just get a website because you think you need one, get the right website that actually works for you.

Once you know what you want it to achieve this will give you a pretty good idea of what kind of site you need and what kind of functionality you require.

Build it right from the start

From a basic brochure site to a full e-commerce site, making sure you get the right site in the first place will ensure you don’t waste time or money on redesigns and developments later on. Sure, you’ll want to add new things and you’ll have to adapt to changes in the business or person, but starting with the right idea will mean you will have the right platform and tools later on.

Don’t sweat the small things just yet

Start with the big stuff, don’t worry about logo’s colours or fonts just yet, be clear about what you want the website to achieve and how you want your visitors to interact with your site.

A good site will be built around this, your designer will cater the sites layout, function and look to meet your goals, and make using the site not just a great experience for your visitors visually, but more importantly functionally as well.

Once you have that starting point you can move on to bring it all together in the design and creation of the website.


At Establish we like to draw out the site structure on a large board first, then once we have the building blocks in front of us we look at each of them and evaluate them. We look at how the site flows and how users will interact with items, as well as how easy it is to navigate or find the important parts of the site. Then we put together a wireframe of the blocks we want and evaluate it until both us and the client are happy that the structure and layout is 100% right. Then, and only then do we start to design the look and styles.

If you follow that process, you should have the right platform, the right tools and the right elements for your website.

Want to know more?

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