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Teachers spend hours re-inventing the wheel to make lessons perfect for their students. Meanwhile, another teacher is spending hours designing a lesson which is almost identical. The solution is simple: somewhere to share the resources to help fellow professionals.

With this in mind we built Lesson Planned a sleek looking, simple to use marketplace eCommerce website where teachers can share, buy and sell their teaching resources online.

We integrated an eCommerce solution for sales and a Stripe payment portal to pay individual sellers their commissions. We combined this with a full seller front end dashboard allowing sellers to upload and manage all their resources as well a clear backend system for site admins to manage sellers, user accounts and resources.


Marketplace website design & development, branding & logo design.


Concept, design, development, CMS, eCommerce solutions, secure payment gateways, market place website & logo design.


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Client comments

I approached Establish with a vague idea of what I wanted, and they quickly turned that idea into artwork, logos and a clear outline of what was possible. At every stage, Establish's customer centred ethics, approachability and commitment to being available to answer queries made the development of the website a collaborative process during which my comments were listened to and actioned. They went above and beyond at every stage of website development by conducting painstaking research into the best available payment systems, developing a consistent aesthetic theme to match the ethos of the company and even making time to tutor me on how to monitor and update the website from the back end. Karl and his team are professional, approachable and great communicators; I will continue to recommend them highly to anyone looking to create their own website.

Matthew Short - Lesson Planned.

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