Boost your search results with an SSL certificate

14th August 2014

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As part of Google’s ambitions to make the web safer, it has announced it is now giving preference to secure websites and pages with HTTPS!

Unlike the previous updates of Penguin or Panda algorithms, this is a ranking signal that runs in real time. As soon as Google indexes your new HTTPS URL, that URL will immediately see a small ranking boost because of the HTTPS URL. This doesn’t mean you will see your rankings jump drastically up the charts, but it will behind the scenes have a slight boost in the overall ranking algorithm, and when it comes to SEO, every little helps.

So what is HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP is the protocol the internet uses to fetch and display web pages. HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol, which is why you see http:// before a website address. HTTPS is simply hypertext transfer protocol secure, it’s this secure part Google is now giving preference to.

Is SSL something new?

No, it’s been around for a while and you’ve probably already seen and used websites with an SSL certificate, for example, e-commerce sites, banking sites, and any sites requiring an extra layer of security.

You can see if you are on a secure website by the URL prefix, it will normally say ‘https://’, some websites even show a padlock or similar icon. SSL certificates protect the data that’s transferred to and from their sites, and encrypt data so hackers can’t read it.

How do I make my site HTTPS?

To make a page secure it requires something called an SSL certificate. You need to purchase an SSL certificate and then ask your web host to add it to your domain.

What are the extra benefits of making my site HTTPS?

As well as attracting more visitors by gaining precedence in search engine results under Google’s new measures, there are also other benefits to an SSL certificate.

  • You will be able to protect the data that is transferred to and from your website(s).
  • Give your customers peace of mind with the knowledge that all data is encrypted and safeguarded against third party access.
  • Reduce costs and increase payment options by taking online payments without a third party if you have an e-commerce site.

How do I get one?

Simply speak to us and we can set this up, usually within the hour. You don’t need to do anything complicated or amend your website as we will handle it all for you.

Speak to us today about improving your rankings and getting an SSL certificate.

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