What is UI and UX?

25th June 2016

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What on earth is UI/UX and why does your website need it? – Don’t worry it’s not a crazy web term or new technology, UI simply means the User Interface. The goal of UI design is to make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient. The other part of the package is User Experience or UX.

The terms UI and UX can apply to many things, but in our case we’re talking about websites and its basically how your sites visitors will interact with your website. How they find things, how they use your site, how easily and effectively they find the information or products they are looking for (UI); as well as the overall experience they have and how they feel from using the site (UX).

How does UI/UX fit in to everything else?

Yes it is important that your website looks the part, crucial even, and there are also many other key factors to consider such as content, SEO and so on, no one is saying they are not important, of course they are, but search engines are not buying your products or the ones you need to impress with your services, humans are. Actual real people with a short attention span and busy lives.

Search engines are just one part of a site, a part that delivers the users to the site. So if you have the SEO part working then its important that when a visitor gets to the site, the website then continues to deliver and gives them what they want without it being an annoying or frustrating experience for them. We’ve all done a search and clicked on a link only to find a website that was a real nightmare to navigate or find information, and it just makes you want to close it down and click the next link.

Why we think its important

Nowadays with tutorials and guides on the web it doesn’t take a lot of technical knowledge to get something online, you can even use something like WIX or similar to get a web presence (not to be confused with a website) but delivering a good website is a very different experience. Anyone can build a blue website and stick a logo on it. Sure, you will have a website that has your logo and info on, but you won’t have the right website and ultimately you won’t be offering the best service to your customers – the people who matter to your business.

At SLR we belive the UI and UX is every bit as important as all the other parts of your site and that is why we always get to know our clients and their business/services with a website consultation, one of the first things we try to establish before we design anything is, what is the goal of the website, what do we need to deliver and what are the important features or services that the websites users will want from the website?

Once we have a list of points we put them into order of priority and then we start wireframing layouts based on those key elements, that gives us the starting blocks to make the structure and then the structure is what we go on and design. This not only makes for a better experience for the client and ourselves during the design and development phase, but ultimately a better experience for the sites users in the long run.

What else will UI/UX do for your site?

Sure, as time goes on you will need to update and refresh websites slightly. However, minor updates have minor costs so if you design a site properly and the UI/UX is good, you will save in the long run on expensive costs from major structural changes and redesigns.

So when you are considering a web company make sure they ask you about all the parts of the process and that your sites visitors are a key factor in the process. If they only ask you want colour you want it and what pages you want adding, then chances are you will be revisiting the website development process later on with another company.

Considering the UI/UX and getting it right to start with means saving costs, delivering a better experience for your customers and getting a website that delivers a lot more for your business than just an online presence. What’s not to like about that?

If you’d like to discuss your website, get a second opinion or just ask us any questions we are always happy to help, simply give us a call on 0800 689 1749 or email us. We don’t talk technical non-sense and we won’t try to baffle you with science. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and in delivering the very best we can for each and every client.

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